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What is NPR+ and how does it work?

NPR+ is a service that provides audiences access to perks including sponsor-free listening to many NPR podcasts along with bonus episodes and early access to select NPR podcasts. Once you sign up, you’ll see directions for how to set up these exclusive versions of NPR podcasts on your preferred listening application. 

Standard listening experiences without perks remain free of charge to everyone. By signing up for NPR+ you’ll get access to more from your favorite NPR podcasts and you’ll be supporting NPR and our Network of stations across the country.

I’m an existing donor to a local station, how do I get access to NPR+?

Receiving the NPR+ bundle as a station donor requires a minimum donation of $8/month or $96/year to a participating NPR+ station

If you've heard from your station that they have given you NPR+ benefits, select “Login” at the top of and sign in using the same email you have on record with your station. You should immediately get an email to login and start using NPR+.

While many participating stations may offer this benefit to their existing donors, some stations do not. To inquire about access as an existing donor or if you’re having trouble redeeming your benefits, please reach out directly to your Member station for more information. You can find your local station’s website here.

How do I listen to a podcast's sponsor-free feed?

Once you've signed up, you'll see a page with instructions for setting up your feed(s) in your podcast app of choice. The process is very simple, and you can always access instructions by signing in and navigating to the Account page (link at the top of this page), then selecting Podcasts in the menu on the top left.

Can I give NPR+ as a gift?

Yes, you can give NPR+ podcasts as a gift. To give NPR+ as a gift, select the “Buy a gift” option above. You can choose to give NPR+ for a duration of six or 12 months. Your gift will expire after the selected time frame and you will not be automatically charged when that period ends. The recipient of your gift will will be prompted to sign up directly to maintain access to NPR+ after your gift period expires.

I need some help! Who should I contact?

Visit and follow the prompts to write us a message.